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I love him

>>By Emma   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 10:14)

Hi Emma, are you stll there?
I collect old and recent editions of Madame Bovary books, CD's, DVD's Cassettes, in all languages. About 200 and growing. Criteria: Must not be a duplicate (obviously); must have one or more of the following:
Illustrated inside
Illustrated cover
Preface or introduction
Footnotes or back notes or remarks
Be a new translation (I have identified 12 primary translations, plus 3 or 4 sub-translations, i.e. variations on of the primary translations)
Be reasonably priced, which depends on a lot of variables but no first editions.
New edition of one in the current collection, which means one of the above items are different or updated
Be in a language I don't have now (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian)
I also collect Biographies of Flaubert, his friends, his girl friends, his family; also secondary literature, Cliffs Notes type items, other works by Flaubert (which meet the above criteria) in French German or English- the only languages I read.

(Other authors with small collections like the above: Thomas Mann, Balzac (Pere Goriot only as collectable), Nietzche, Goethe, Schiller, any turn of century text book of "classics" that have original text and foot notes or vocabularies and introductions. )

Any kindred spirits out there?


>>By JEL   (Tuesday, 16 Aug 2005 23:46)

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