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hi i was wondering about her book the white witch

>>By watebaby   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 19:20)

Can you please tell me things about Pilgrims Inn, The Scent of Water, and Green Dolphin Street. About how the women characters are- their relationships with the men in their lives. Abosolutely anything at all you can tell me would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

>>By I NEED HELP! PLEASE:)   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 02:45)

I don't know how old your query is but I'm always glad to talk abut EG's work SCENT OF WATER is one of my favorites; PILGRIM'S INN is the second in a trilogy about the Eliot family. GREEN DOLPHIN STREET is the only movie of EG's to be filmed and I saw it as a child in 1947 or so. You ask about the women characters and their relationships with men. I'm sorry that she has been categorized as a romance novelist because she is quite different than what we mean by that term today.

She is always on the side of honor, of family, of decency, of her religious beliefs. Yes, her characters struggle sometimes with such issues as male/female relationships but she never allows them to become tawdry. She lifts up the human spirit always. She builds, does not tear down. Her matriarch in the Eliot trilogy, Lucilla Eliot, has had to be a strong upright woman to create a family under very difficult emotional conditions.

Her settings vary in time .. from early 20th century to mid-century. EG also wrote some historical novels which are set long before that. She uses bits of her own home life in her stories; in her autobiography THE JOY OF THE SNOW she points to some of them.

EG always takes some to describe her people and her settings so you have a wonderfully imaginative image in your mind. She draws you in and introduces you to these people carefully, hoping you'll decide to "stay."

Feel free to write to me directly if you wish.

>>By SudieMagoo@aol.com   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2003 22:23)

I just discovered Elizabeth Goudge's books about a year ago, and I have become captivated with her writing!

I just finished reading, "A City Of Bells", and I'm rereading "The Little White Horse", now, and I'm enjoying it as much as the first time I read it!

These are the books, I've read by her, and I've loved every one of them:

Gentian Hill
The Rosemary Tree
The Scent Of Water
The White Witch
The Joy Of The Snow
Linnets And Valerians
The Little White Horse
The City Of Bells
The Middle Window

Does anyone know of a group on the internet, for fans of Elizabeth Goudge? I would love to join one, but so far, have been unable to find anything.

I have never read anyone, that can write descriptive passages as she can. I can visually picture everything in my mind from her descriptions!

I'm so thankful, I discovered her writing!!

She is a treasure!

I would love to hear from other Elizabeth Goudge fans!

Becky Carden, rec@hiwaay.net   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 06:02)

I think Becky should try "Island Magic" (about the du Frocq family in late 19th-century Guernsey - Channel Islands) I first read this book when I was 14, and loved it - I am now 60 - and still do!

>>By Anne Constable   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 21:25)

I found Elizabeth Goudge thanks to my Aunt Fanny. When I was 14 or 15 she let me borrow Green
Dolphin Street, unfortunately I lost it when I was almost to the end. At the age of 48 I found it on
Amazon.com and enjoyed it so much, I've been buying her other books like mad. I've just purchased
Linnets and Valerians and The Scent of Water. I read constantly but have never found a writer who
could make you see evey scene so plainly. I 've also read The Castle on the Hill and Gentian Hill
I really can't get enough of her.

>>By Suzanne Barry   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 14:43)

I always feel like i,ve been on a lovely vacation after reading one of e.g. books   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 00:18)

I need to know about E.G.'s family background, education history, and life history by Monday 5/5/03 for an author profile for school. Any of this information that you know, or a website I could go to for this info. would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!! Bye. P.S. Could you just put the information on this website?

>>By AngelPuss   (Sunday, 4 May 2003 05:23)

I have been looking for this site forever. I finally typed in the right words in the search engine, and here it is. I , too, love Elizabeth Goudge. I love Scent of Water, but if any of you have never read the Eliot trilogy, you need to do so! The first is The Bird in the Tree, second is Pilgrim's Inn, which is titled Herb of Grace in England, and third is The Heart of the Family. They are out of print, but you can find them online. One good source is ABE books. Lucilla Elliot is my role model, but I also love the main character in Scent of Water. They are so wise and insightful, which means Elizabeth was wise and insightful. I discovered Scent of Water when I was in college, and now, at age 58, I still read it and the Eliot trilogy. I am collecting hardback first editions online. Her autobiography is The Joy of the Snow, which can also be found online. Anything you want to know about her can be found there. I am such an over-the-top fan that I would like to go to England someday and find the village that was the setting for Damerosehay, the family home in the Eliot trilogy. In her autobiography she says that it was a real place, and I've just about located the villages on the net.

Could someone tell me whether there are other books of hers like Scent of Water and the Eliots. What is Rosemary Tree about?

>>By beedee   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 21:53)

At last, there are other human beings who don't look blank when I enthuse about EG!! I was introduced to her books by both my great-aunties, and inherited a couple of books when they died, and now I really love her books.
I especially love 'Island Magic' and 'Green Dolphin Country' because I was born and raised in Guernsey, and it takes me back home, round St. Peter Port and the bays on the West coast where I lived and grew up. I wish she was still alive, she reminds me very much of my great aunties, they were wonderful, wise , mischievious women.
How did other people discover her, as her books are 'old' for my age (20's) and hard to find?
She describes true Island folk so brilliantly in 'Island Magic' - and I have a lot of Marianne in me! (Green Dolphin Country) Love to hear from anyone.

>>By Lotie   (Monday, 5 Jan 2004 20:57)

When I was a young girl I must have read "The Little White Horse" at least 5 times. It was my favorite for a long time, I just loved it. I had no idea, until now, that she had written so many more books. I did see the film "Green Dolphin Street" a long time ago, but it had escaped me that it was based on a book by her. Now I am inspired to reread "The Little White Horse", to see how it affects me, after more than 25 years and will try some of the others too. Thanks for the inspiration, and bringing back very pleasant memories!

Xandra Magouche

>>By magouche   (Tuesday, 6 Jan 2004 17:04)

I was doing some internet research on sin eaters and the Child from the sea and came across this wonderful place to talk to all of you about some of my favorite books by one of the best writers in the world.

>>By backporch   (Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004 20:08)

I recently read The Child from the Sea and felt refreshed, as if I had been on a delightful vacation. At the end of the book we are told "The tragedy of Jackie is well known." I am not familiar with English history. What did happen to Jackie?

>>By rubarb   (Wednesday, 7 Apr 2004 23:26)

I am in contact with Kate Linneman about researching Elizabeth Goudge and her relantionship with Rosemary Sutcliffe.Any one with any infomation about this please write.In hope,Penn

>>By Penn   (Tuesday, 25 May 2004 17:06)

I am a lifelong lover of Miss
Goudge-City of Bells was my first, and the magic of that book has never left me. I own many of her books, and read them yearly. I know there are some I still have not read, and that is wonderfully exciting. I do not understand the reference to Rosemary Sutcliffe.Could someone enlighten me?

>>By mrsminiver   (Tuesday, 25 May 2004 22:54)

Rosemary Sutcliffe was another author who wrote books mainly for children.They both had the same publisher,lived in and had a passion for the West Country,and although 20 plus years apart in age had a lot in common with each other as well as repecting each others work,
They corresponded up until Goudge died,and wrote forwards for each others books,
Try "Sword at Sunset" and Rider on the White Horse" both by Sutcliffe with forwards by Goudge

>>By Penn   (Tuesday, 1 Jun 2004 23:07)

Hi, I have just acquired 'Henrietta's House' by Elizabeth Goudge. I cannot find any information about this book, its dated 1942. Is it a rare book? Can anyone enlighten me and give me some info on this. Looking forward to reading it. Thank you.

>>By Denzel   (Saturday, 25 Sep 2004 22:54)

Whata relief to find a dsite where I can talk about my two favourite writers. Elizabeth Goudge and Norah Lofts. I consider that they are as great as Steinbeck. They work on similar parrallels, the confliict of good and evil, the workings of the conscience and subconscience.

I first read Goudge when I was about 9. As I was an avid reader and had already explored all the childrens classics, I used to borrow my Mothers library ticket and look for books in the Adult section. I am now nearly 60 and am just reading the Elliot triology again. I am pleased to say that I have this in hardback in both separate volumes and in the triology. A double dose! A few weeks ago I reread Green Dolphin Country on my daily train journey.

I don't have a favourite as every time I reread one it becomes my favourite - until I pick up the next one. I think I have probably read GDC, the Elliots and The White Witch about 30 times - each!

Several of you ask what the various books are about. They are about good and evil, faith, compassion, forgiveness, love and the exploration into the depths of the soul. But hey - read them for yourself. Nothing can take away the pleasure of reading a book by Elizabeth Goudge.

>>By Tyger   (Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004 14:22)

My first EG was Towers in the Mist, which I found in a 2nd hand store, and I like it very much, but I adore the other two books in the cathedral series: City of Bells and The Dean's Watch.

>>By redflower   (Monday, 12 Mar 2007 18:02)

I am new here, hello to other members. I have been a E G fan for some 40 years now. There are however still a few books of hers which I have not read and hope to get around to before I get much older.
City of bells and the other two about Wells in Somerset England have been great favourites, I love the area. Also Green Dolphin Country, Scent Of Water, where dose one stop.

>>By Marieliz   (Wednesday, 16 May 2007 17:56)


My very elderly and battered copy of "Little White Horse" has been loved to death over many years. Given to me as a gift when I was 12, I always thought it a one-off until about a year ago when I showed it to a friend. She fell upon it and lent me "Green Dolphin Street" to read in return.

Since then I have been reading every Elizabeth Goudge novel I can find and am currently working through "Henriettas House".

I too love her imagery - descriptions like her contrasts between "silvery" and "tawny" re-occur so often and several books use the character of the tiny bent-over old man in a frockcoat with only a fringe of silver hair. I discover him again each time with great delight.

For me, what is so surprising and satisfying about the writing of EG is the way she exactly puts into words the feelings that I have within my friendships and interactions with the people whom I love. I often feel that she is sitting on the sofa beside me finishing the sentences which I would have started if I could!

Does any one else feel this way?

Also, am I alone in thinking her sense of "place" very important?

I find myself eager to re-visit the places in England which she wrote about.
Quite unexpectedly I found myself wandering around Oxford a few days ago with eyes newly opened and next want to return to Wells and Ely.
I am fortunate to live on the Isle of Wight, her "Island" on the horizon of the Damerosehay trilogy and moved there from the Paignton area of Devon so perhaps it is just coincidence that I relate to her locations?
Or is this an important factor in everyone's enjoyment?

Which of the lesser known books are worth tracking down? I would like to ask Marieliz which is the third book about Wells? I have only found "City of Bells" and "Henrietta's House" to date.

Here's hoping that I am asking some of my questions in the right place?

Cheers Suecee

>>By Suecee   (Sunday, 9 Dec 2007 11:19)

Hello to Suecee,
I changed my flork name recently from Marieliz and have left you a personal message there regarding the above question. So pleased to hear from you.
You are not alone in thinking that EG's sense of place was important. In fact if/when you read her autobiography 'The Joy Of The Snow' you will know of her personal connections with the places which she used in her novels.

>>By maybird   (Monday, 10 Dec 2007 22:39)

Hello to Suecee and maybird, I am new to flork and this is my first entry. Ihave been a fan of EG from when I first read Little White Horse when I was 12 (I think that this must be a comman experience), I am now getting on in years and I rwead and re-read all my favourites, I have collected most of her books over the years. My favourite used to be The Deans Watch, but has been Scent of Water for years now...I don't know how many times I have read it. Yes I too feel as though she knows the way I feel about things and people, she expresses the things that I can't put into words. I can read a discriptive passage just for the joy of it. I feel as though she is a dear friend. Years ago I wrote to her and I treasure the letter I received in reply. She said that The Deans Watch was her favourite child. I live in Australia and would love a reply from you Wildchild .27 Jan 2008

>>By wildchild   (Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008 02:21)

Thank you to wildchild for posting and news of your links with a very favourite writer. I am sure your letter from EG is one of your most precious keepsakes.
I live not to far from the places which were the setting for her Damerosehay novels.
And The City of Bells is a favourite volume, I also love the area of it's setting and the wonderful Cathedral in Wells. I left a message on your flork page where you can contact me if you wish.

>>By maybird   (Thursday, 31 Jan 2008 19:05)

Iím wondering as I return to this page after a long while if other Elizabeth Goudge fans still look in. Since I last made an entry two and half years ago Iíve changed my ID name from the above maybird to eaglewings. However my interest in EG remains and perhaps at some point I will again link up with wildchild and Suecee whom Iíve not seen here for some time.

In 2007 I purchased a 1952 good 1st edition copy of White Wings, a collection of EGís short stories. It was inexpensive which is unusual as itís a rare volume to see, you can imagine my immense pleasure at finding it. :)

>>By eaglewings   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010 13:24)

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