Dave Pelzer


His books are a great story of courage. It gives people a lot to think about, and encourages people they are really not alone and that there are many people out there who also suffer. His books are about the abuse he suffered from his mother, and also his siblings in a way, however they were too young to understand that what they were doing was wrong. Also his books are about his life after being taken into foster care, and about his fathers life and death..

His brother has also recently written a book , which is equally amazing and courageous. His book is about his life after his brother David was taken into foster care. Richard was used by his mother as a tell tale. Richard had to tell everything that David did wrong. Also Richard made things up about what his brother would do, as he knew his mother would never touch him if she was occupied with David. After David left the roles were swtiched, Richard became her primary target, and another brother became the snitch.

Both these books are worth a read, and I keep them and the good they have done by writing these books in my mind all the time.

>>By Christi   (Saturday, 28 Jan 2006 23:56)

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