Benjamin Hoff


Benjamin Hoff is one of the most inspirational writers to come out of the 20th century. His insightful and fairly simplistic approach to explaining Taoism has captured the hearts of millions worldwide and it's not surprising.

I read a friend's copy of The Tao of Pooh over a year ago, and when she asked for it back I went straight out and bought the new version with it's companion 'The Te of Piglet' included. I still read through passages often. It's interesting to find some people feel Hoff runs off the beaten track a bit and doesn't stick to the character's involvement. I think this is why it's so amazing; Hoff has a way of pulling you out of the deep and often murky topics of human politics and environmental doom, just when it's all a bit too 'disturbingly real'? So the characters act as a sort of blanket, after a walk in the woods.

Yet, this is why Benjamin Hoff is my hero. He understands the destructive nature of humanity, thus makes it possible to send a message of hope, through 'The-Way', and shows us how far from the path of nature we've strayed. If the book wasn't so wonderfully subtle and gentle, it wouldn't be so popular. And for readers who suffer from some of the symptoms of modern day living, like depression for example (as I do), it makes for easy, non-threatening reading.

Hoff believes mother nature will have the last say, and so do I. I also believe, if more people read these books, and The Tao Te Ching, the world would probably be a little less clouded by confusion, religion and war. But then again, maybe human beings would still get the messages of peace confused. Look what happened with the Bible. Woops, did I say the word 'Bible'...sorry, don't want to upset anyone. *wink*

Live long and happy Benjamin Hoff.


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