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Has anyone read 'Morvern Callar'? Or any of his other books?

It is a fabulous book. I love the style it is written in. I think writing in the first person can be extremely powerful with books like this because of the depth of character you can create just through the vocabulary and grammar that you bestow upon the narrator. Of course you lose that wider perspective, but in this instance, I think it was just right.
I saw the film, with Samantha Morton, last year. I thought that was a really enjoyable film too. Obviously, the Morvern in the film was pretty different to the image of her that I had built up from the book, but then isn't it always like that?!
I would be interested to hear what anyone else thinks of it.


>>By dirtyteena   (Tuesday, 15 Jun 2004 16:14)

I've read Movern Callar, just recently. I thought it was great.
Like Teena said, Alan Warner manages to give her a unique voice, but it's not just because he is writing in the first person. The way she speaks and thinks comes across very effectively, and this is because of the language he uses. The use of colloquiallism and dialect further reinforces the sense of who Movern is.
I saw the film when it first came out, but didn't get round to reading the book until a few weeks ago, so it's a bit tricky to compare them! I do remember thinking it was an excellent film though. Doesn't it change dramatically half way through...? (Wrong thread - go to the cinema page boy!!)
I was entranced by the book however, the flow of the internal dialogue keeps you chugging along, ready to read just a few more pages, then a few more. Then maybe a couple more. Before you know it, you've reached the end!!
Since finishing it, I've picked up a couple more of his books - These Detested Lands (a sequel, I think) and The Sopranos (not related to the tv show!). I haven't started either of them yet - has anybody read them? What do you think?
sees ya, laters,

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